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a safe environment for EDUCATORS AND students to record and share their video presentations.

Erticulate is ideal for all students K-12 and university, commonly used for English, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Communication, and Business classes.
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create and share video content based on their assigned lesson

Erticulate integrates with the common Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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Feedback Loop

Constructive feedback structured in a proven format enables students to learn how to provide feedback in a way others can hear it.

Create Future Presenters

Every expert says that to give an excellent presentation, you have to practice. Practicing a presentation just got easier.

LMS Integrated

Teachers easily create video assignments that use the 3rd party app, Erticulate, in their preferred LMS.


The platform is designed to improve student communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.



Stay connected even when you are apart

Students can record at school or home when it fits their schedule. You do not need to be together in order to collaborate.

Leverage video more effectively

Students of today are comfortable recording themselves, give them a safe tool that will make them better communicators.


"I have been using Erticulate for in-school projects over the past two years. Erticulate is truly an amazing tool! My students absolutely love recording their presentations and sharing with their classmates. With these features, the students are able to gain constructive feedback from their peers. It’s really neat to witness them grow as presenters! Above all, Erticulate is very user-friendly especially for my 10-year old students!"

5th Grade Teacher
Schuylkill Elementary

“The number of teachers and students using Erticulate continues to grow in our district, and that is because it is a quality product.  Erticulate enables our students to grow their presenting skills, and has become a “go to” online resource for us.”

Dr. Whitehead
Assistant Superintendent
Phoenixville Area School District

"The Erticulate staff is amazingly responsive and goes above-and-beyond to answer student and teacher questions at any time of day.  From other digital platforms, I have had to wait hours, or even days, for help with an issue, but Erticulate's team is on-the-ball and incredibly efficient."

9th Grade ELA Teacher
Phoenixville Area High School

"Erticulate is a powerful interactive tool that helps students develop their presentation skills. Simple to navigate, user friendly and awesome customer support!"

AP Seminar and ELA Teacher
Phoenixville Area High School

"Erticulate was a life-saver during the transition to online learning. Students were able to create and upload a powerpoint, and then record and narrate their presentation virtually.  Without Erticulate, we would not have been able to asynchronously conduct meaningful presentations."

9th Grade ELA Teacher
Phoenixville Area High School

"Teachers, who educate children, deserve more honor than parents, who merely gave them birth; for the latter provided mere life, while the former ensured a good life."

Platonic Academy

"Erticulate makes practice a priority for students. It is easy to use and allows students to provide helpful feedback to their peers."

AP Seminar Teacher
Daniel Boone Area High School

“I could practice the presentation and get feedback before actually presenting and that took a lot of the stress off”

Phoenixville Area High School

"Erticulate allows me to work on projects during my own time frame, while getting important feedback from my teachers."

Phoenixville Area High School

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