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Laura Howard and Sandy Waltz

Educators in Phoenixville Area Highschool

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Review the possible research topics below and select one to investigate further. Then, using the websites and library sources provided, you will research your topic, create a brief PowerPoint, and then teach this topic to the class using Erticulate to record yourself.

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Introduction to Shakespeare: IndividualProject

Review the possible research topics below and select one to

investigate further. Then, using the websites and library

sources provided, you will research your topic, create a brief

PowerPoint, and then teach this topic to the class using

Erticulate to record yourself.  

1- Understand your topic: You will choose one of the following seven topics to research.    



           1. William Shakespeare                      5. Shakespeare’s Audience

           2. Shakespearean Theatre                  6. Shakespearean Plays

           3. Shakespearean Costumes               7. Shakespeare’s England/Government

           4. The Black Death (plague)


2- Research it: You will begin researching your topicusing the questions on the last page of this document as a guide. Make sure tokeep an active work cited page with your sources properly cited (I recommendusing NoodleTools). Make sure that you are using ONLY the provided sources unless you have received permission fromme to use an additional source.


Approved WebSources:

SuggestedLibrary Sources:    

Biography in Context   

World History in Context



3- Put it all together: I expect all questions listed under your topic to be answered, some extra information provided, and several images provided.

You will need to

-Find more research to answer your questions

           -Find or draw images and utilize them in your presentation

-Create a PowerPoint with a minimum of10 content slides and finished with a works cited

-Record yourself presenting your PowerPoint via Erticulate

4- Share it with your teacher! -  Confirm that I received your final project via Erticulate


When wasShakespeare born? What was his childhood like? Was he like growing up? How educated was he? Did he marry or have children? Describe his career as a playwright. When and how did he become famous? What was his most popular play? Did he have a personal favourite? What was his least popular play? What is the controversy surroundingShakespeare?  


Who wasShakespeare’s audience (social classes)? How much was a ticket? What did they eat? What were the seating arrangements? What did the audience experience on atypical day at the theatre (provide plenty of detail)? Who were the groundlings? How has this experience changed?


What is the name of these theaters? Who owned and operated these theaters? Where were they located? Describe the architecture, seating and atmosphere. What did they look like? How big was the stage? How big was the theatre? Capacity? Did these theaters use props? How did they change scenes (backdrops, scenery)? What did they do for lighting (no electricity)?


Name some other famous playwrights around Shakespeare’s time. Who acted in Shakespeare’s plays?Name some successful actors/ “players”, who were they? What was Shakespeare’s most successful play? Least successful? How much did it cost to attend a play?How long were the plays? Describe Shakespeare’s reputation as a playwright.Were any of Shakespeare’s plays controversial, which ones and why? What is aquarto? What is a folio?

Shakespeare’sEngland/ Government:

Who was QueenElizabeth? Did she marry? What was “common law”? Did Queen Elizabeth attend plays? What was her attitude towards the theatre? Discuss the relation of the play you’re about to read with the government in Shakespeare’s time, if applicable.

Example:“Macbeth” and James I                        

ElizabethanClothing/ Shakespearean Costumes:

How did clothing reflect class? What different kinds of fabrics or colors did they wear? Describe typical Elizabethan clothing. What would a noble wear to the theatre? What would a groundling wear to the theatre? How was their hair worn?Hats? Were costumes reflective of Elizabethan clothing? Which class’?

The Black Death(plague):

What was the bubonic plague? Why was it referred to as the Black Death? How did it affectElizabethan England during the 1590s? How did the plague spread? What were the symptoms? How many people died? Was there a cure? What was the quarantine? How did the plague impact the theatre?


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