Pecha Kucha Assignment

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Diana Dadey

High School Teacher

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Pecha Kucha translates as “the sound of conversation”or “chit-chat” in Japanese. This is how a high school teacher from PA used Erticulate to help her students prepare for a class Pecha Kucha style event. assignment.undefined

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What is Pecha Kucha?

Pecha Kucha translates as “the sound of conversation”or “chit-chat” in Japanese. Its creators wanted a space to share ideas and messages through presentations. Pecha Kucha is a presentation form of 20 images for 20 seconds. The slides are just images, no words, change automatically and the speaker must synchronize their speech with the images.So, the entire presentation always lasts for exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Steps toPrepare for Your Pecha Kucha presentation

Step 1: Select a Topic - Your topic is your topic and should be something you know and are ideally are passionate about. A common Pecha Kucha is on trips or vacations that people have taken. Here are some common Pecha Kucha examples:

1.    Travel Experience

2.    Food Experience

3.    Emotions andControlling Them

4.    Looking at theFuture

5.    A Hobby

Step 2: Create an Outline – map out your story.Get twenty note cards and map out the ideas of your story.

Step 3: Create Your Slides - Create twenty slides, each slide with one image that corresponds to your outline. Do not addtext to any of the slides.

Step 4: Practice your Pecha Kucha – Do your best to present for 20 seconds per slide. That means your total presentation should be 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Record yourself practicing your presentation. Send that recording to your partner who will give you feedback on your presentation and practice again.

Step 5: Deliver your Presentation – in light of the Coronavirus, record yourself delivering your presentation and send the recording in to be graded.

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Erticulate is a safe, closed-loop platform enabling students to record videos and share with their teacher and peers for educational purposes.

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o  A desktop computer, laptop computer or Chromebook

o  A video camera and microphone

o  Chrome web browser

Steps to record and share

o  Activate Your Account - You will receive an activation email from Erticulate with an ActivateAccount button that brings you to the Erticulate website where you can set your password

o  Login -

o  Upload - Upload a presentation by clicking theUpload Presentation button in the upper right corner. To practice on Erticulate, you have to upload at least one slide. Both PPT and PDF are acceptable formats. For heavy graphic slides, PDF is recommended.

o  Practice - On the Practice tab, click the New Practice button on the presentation you just uploaded

o  Record Practice Presentation - Click Start Practice in the lower-left corner and your browser will ask you to allow access to your camera, click Accept and you will be practicing.(Note: the first time you click Start Practice you will have to allow your browser to work with your camera, you shouldn’t have to again). You can click Next Slide to advance

o  Finish - Once you have recorded yourself practicing, click Finish in the top right corner which will show an Uploading dialogue box while your presentation is being uploaded and then will bring you back to the Presenter Dashboard

o  Watch - You now have a recording associated with the presentation that you can click Watch to see if you think it is the best you can do. If not, you can delete it or just click New Practice again to record another version

o  Share - When you feel you have recorded your self giving the best presentation you can, click Share, select a fellow classmate or your teacher and then click Share.